Operation Score

“Operation Score”

Like many events since life A.K. (after kids), intimacy with your husband now requires precision and planning on the scale of a military invasion. Fortunately, the spoils of this war are pretty great. Read on for your step by step manual for executing Operation Score at your house. We’ve even included merit badges for you overachievers out there.

Synchronize your watches
When are you and your husband at your peak energy? Weekend morning? After date night? On vacation? Use the necessary planning to build anticipation between you.
Merit badge: Plan a recurring date for every week so it becomes part of your routine. Dates might be breakfast out or a coffee together during a piano lesson. Don’t wait until a Saturday night dinner reservation with a sitter to spend time together.

Enlist help
It is common knowledge that grandmas and ipads are godsends but did you know they can be your accomplices in Operation Score? Ship the kids to Grandma’s overnight or park them in front of the ipad. It’s ok to spoil them just this once for the sake of your marriage.
Merit badge: Swap childcare on a regular basis with a friend to save money and build date nights into your life.

Gather needed supplies
What is it that helps you relax and feel feminine? Take out to help with meal prep? Freshly shaved legs? Music and candles in your bedroom? Realistically, you won’t be able to accomplish everything so prioritize which elements are most important to you and your spouse.
Merit badge: Nothing kills your libido like feeling frumpy when the opportunity presents itself. Gather a small make-up bag with mints, lipstick, hair brush and a pretty bra and panties. Store it under your bed.

The Invasion
So you’ve accomplished the impossible and the two of you actually have some couple time? Don’t forget to be present for the moment. As women, it is all too easy to be present physically but our mind is elsewhere. Take a few moments earlier in the day to jot down the nagging items on your to-do list so that you can relax and enjoy your time together.
Merit badge: Sweet talk your husband into putting a lock on your door if there isn’t one there already.
Time permitting, take the time to enjoy each other a little longer. Is cuddling possible? How about sharing a dessert or coffee after your time together? Falling asleep in his arms? Make a point of lingering together, if possible.
Merit badge: Send your husband a text (triple-checked that it is indeed going to him) to tell him how much you love being his wife.


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