Monthly Archives: July 2013

I have not done a lick of this gap study yet. But when has that stopped me from blogging? I have been reading Dr. Henry Cloud’s “Changes that Heal.” I was thinking today how some of his opening chapters relate to the story of Mary and Martha. Dr. Cloud begins by teaching us about the character of God which is grace and truth. He goes on to tell how some churches are all about grace but never address sin. Other churches are exclusively truth-tellers but never extend grace. Neither are giving us an accurate picture of God.

There are a few lyrics to Christmas carols that really resonate with me. One of my personal favorites is from “Joy to the World.” “He rules the world with truth and grace.” Yes!!! I can so see this in Jesus’ handling of Martha. If Christ were only here to give us grace, He might have praised her for working so hard and let her complain about her sister. If Christ’s character was only truth, He could have really set Martha straight about how little time she had left with him and how she was squandering it. How like Jesus to perfectly blend grace and truth. Tenderly, he says her name. Acknowledges how she is feeling and lets her know that He is the one thing that is needed.

So how about some “Fatten you right up rolls” to get us out of the kitchen and at Jesus’ feet faster?
1 stick butter melted
1 cup sour cream
1 cup self rising flour
Mix together. Put in greased mini muffin tins. 400 for 12 minutes.