Bratty toddler

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid. Proverbs 12:1

I’m a brat. Or a toddler. I can’t decide which. Very possibly I’m a bratty toddler. When we get down to it, there are only a few reasons for my sin. Either I’m rebellious (bratty) or spiritually immature (toddler). Usually both. And what do bratty toddlers need? Discipline.

The origin of the word discipline is from the Latin for teaching and learning. The Pig Latin for discipline is -isciplineday. (You’re welcome.) While discipline might have negative associations for us, the heart of it is teaching. God is teaching us His ways.

“Sanctification is the process by which the Holy Spirit shapes us into more holy and Christlike people. It’s a natural part of a Christian’s growth in spiritual maturity.” (Bible Gateway) In layman’s terms, God is making us less like bratty toddlers and more like Him. Let’s look at some sample scripts from the last few studies. (I’m omitting Greater because I didn’t study it.) Because I’m such a giver, I’ll play the part of Bratty Toddler.

Bratty Toddler: (throwing a fit or pouting)
God: You’re going to learn to speak the truth in love.

Bratty Toddler: But I want MY WAY! NOW!
God: Your times are in my hands.

Bratty Toddler: But I don’t like vegetables! Exercise is boring! I wanna eat a brownie!
God: I will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.

Now for any bratty toddlers like me who need a late night snack but want to be obedient, I like a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk over ice with one splenda and a dash of nutmeg. Low carb and if you close your eyes you can almost imagine it is eggnog.

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  1. So true, so cute. We are bratty aren’t we? Thanks for this picture of truth. Debbie W. (OBS)

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